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Photo shoot + album

shoto shoot + data + album (if its requested, will develop photos as)

  • 1 時
  • 1h/¥12,000+album
  • 訪問型サービス


【Photo shoot】 We will plan the shooting details based on your shooting request and the image. (ex. photo of nature, bridal photo, portfolio, group photo ) 【album】 based on your requests, will create one and only album. the price will change depends and the quality and pages. 【shooting time】 1 hour / ¥12,000 Able to customize the shooting time 【prise】 (1 hour / ¥12,000) + data prise (¥8,000) + album + (transportation expenses) + (develop photos) (the price of developing photos depends on the amount of photos and the quality) Depends on the shooting plan, the price will change, so please feel free contact us.


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